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I have a fairly projector centric display this year between a 52 ft x 36 ft sail over my pool, another large screen adjacent to the sail behind the hot tub, one screen that is 9 feet tall by 60 ft wide serving as backdrops behind a front yard cemetary scene. There is the ability for up to three projectors shining upon this area. I am also using a couple other projectors shining down on the ground from above as splash lighting through tight walkways that do not have space to really decorate outside of some "scene setters" on the walls.

Theme: The Haunt for Red October

The color scheme is all in red in both lighting and accent pieces. I know many of you do not care for the pirate theme but it holds a special place in my heart so I have continued to build upon it again this year in the backyard. I do also have the ever popular cemetary scene out front and a fortune teller display on the side.

Next year I plan to use my projectors to shine on props to make them life like but did not have the time with everything else I was building.

So my question to all of you wonderful people is...

What would be your suggestions for movies to show from all of these various projectors that would match my theme and/or color scheme?

Please help. Time is running short. I have some things but will end up having to loop them to occupy the time of a big 5-6 hour party on the 24th and for the TOTs on the 31st. All screens are in view for the neighbor children to see to so let's not get too adult oriented.
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With children being able to view how about showing some classic Halloween cartoons? have you thought about using Hallowindow? it's a wonderful product not a movie but an array of wonderful Halloween animation. I used it last year and my neighbours kept asking me all about it I even had cars stop in the street to watch it. I had it projected on a window but it would look as equally amazing projected on screens etc

Hallowindow - Mark Gervais
Excellent suggestions!

I have considered the Hallowindow. I have a couple of knock off versions that are sold at my local haunt store. I should just get the real thing.

I do also have the old Disney "Dancing Skeletons" (note my avatar) but it is on a collection DVD that I need to burn onto it's own DVD to loop behind the headstones out front. I am also hunting down Ray Bradbury's "The Halloween Tree" and The Halloween Grinch movie. Do you or anyone else have any other suggested cartoon titles I should consider?

I have debated burning clips off Youtube but the clarity isn't there for such large screens. I may have to silence my OCD and just go that route.
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