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Movie night with the Pirates Halloween display

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Watching my favorite movies with my pirate Halloween display. I love the pirate theme very much. You might be able to tell. LOL. Recorded this with my phone light on. It's much better than the video captured.
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All I can say is, "Eeeuuuwww!" A tad freaky for me.
We must be a bunch of scoundrel freaks then. I hope my next house has a finished basement, so I can enjoy it like this all the time.
I have to ask.... did you dress up and get your free donuts during Talk Like a Pirate day. Every year we say we are going to do it, but never do. Arrrrgh. Love the set up.
It looks great!!! I really love the atmosphere in there with all the pirates!! Kudos! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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