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It's been waaaaay too long. But my dream finally did come true: almost 2 yrs ago I moved from the Buckle of the Bible Belt in Raleigh NC to... get this... about a 15 minute drive to the Magic Kingdom + thus my own persona pilgrimage spot: The Haunted Mansion.

Wife & I are Gold Annual Passholders & visit the Disney Parks at every opportunity. We must be really close since between 9 pm & 10 pm or so we can:

1. Hear the MK fireworks
2. See the MK fireworks in the distance if we look out our guest BR window

... or simply exit through front porch & watch from the street. Some people on the NextDoor app complain it. And I'm thinking: "Duh! WDW has been here since 1971. They knew what they were getting into: if they didn't, then, well, if you can't say something nice... :)

Anyway, I missed last Halloween & Christmas due to invasive surgery that look ~6 months to recover from. Finally feeling better but Halloween is over (no problem as no one was doing anything remotely close to what I do) & it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas decoration-wise.

Here are my questions. Shout-out to @DaveintheGrave from... Concord NC? Forget if you retired from haunting. I hope not as there's still a ton I want to learn from you.

1. Where's a good, inexpensive source for an AC (DC would be nice too) voltage converter to change the motion speed of props. Preferably at a store anywhere in Florida (willing to drive about a 2.5 hr radius from #Orlando area) but online is OK if it takes a week or less to ship. I know it's Christmas season but:
A. I just bought some Animated Deer (three of them)
B. They move WAY too damn slow; don't care if that's the speed they graze at in nature: this is a Show! :)
C. My Father-in-Law already assembled the deer & they're on the mulch in front of my house. I have no yard, either
front or rear to decorate; but I do have that mulch space, a small tree, & a wide porch for a "tiny" house (LOL): home is
around 1600 sq ft: plenty of space for me, my wife, dog, & 2 cats: feels palatial

Anyway, what are my range of options price wise: I'd be happy as a clam to spend around 20 to 50 bucks or less at, say, a Harbor Freight (we have a ton of them around here) just to increase the speed of the Buck & the Doe...

@DaveintheGrave I'm not ready for Rockin' Reindeer this year; but next year? "I'm In." :) Could you or someone please send me a link to the Plans / project build steps / parts?

Need to vary the motor speeds pronto; my wife & in-laws "don't get it": the
y said "M, you can't do that." I said with a beer & a smile "Oh yes I can..." Which is why I'm here :):cool::p🤪🤓🤩🥳
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