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Mouslem House Idea

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This year my theme is a supernatural night (based off the hit tv show) anyway the house im haunting this year is an old brick house. The best part of this house is the large yard space and live vines that crawl up the house. I thought I would turn the front side of the house into a mouslem.

Any tips, tricks or comments?:confused:
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Sorry lol I can't spell for crap but this being a halloween forum you get what I was trying to say. The paulbears idea is a great one. maybe I'll be able to do it with bluckys? I just gotta make a good enough coffin. I was thinking I can turn the garage into a crypt because it's dark and spooky. Plus there's another door were the perfect amount of lighting could really make an effect. I'm buying a new video camera with in the next two weeks so I'll get some video footage and post it. Thanks!

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The Winchester boys have been through a lot, so there's plenty to pull from for a "Supernatural" night. I would look closely at seasons 1 and 2. These two seasons had some great single episode stories that could be turned into scenes at a haunt. The woman in white, wendigo, bloody mary, scarecrow, hook man, the benders, hell house, devil's trap, etc.

And there's lots of props and stuff you could put out. Make sure you salt the doors and windows, and draw a devil's trap somewhere. If you can, try making a replica of the colt.
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