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Mountain Dew Commercial

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I just saw a hilarious commercial for the first time - it's for diet Mountain Dew and it has a ferret wearing a hockey mask and carrying a chainsaw chasing a couple through the woods, definitely a miniature furry Jason. When I googled it, the You Tube results I found say it's from 2007... don't know how I missed it!

Here it is: Killer Ferret
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Malibuman - I didn't even know there was an uncut version! I think I like the other one better, it leaves more to the imagination. I just watched the original Halloween movie again this weekend and when Michael is a kid wearing the clown mask, you see things from his perspective - through the eyeholes of the mask - and I notice the ferret sees it just like that. And of course Jason and Leatherface are obviously represented... now if only the ferret could get into your dreams... hmmm.
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