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motor help

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Hey all,
looking for a little motor/linkage help. I'll describe the effect I am looking to create and hopefully you all will have some ideas. I kind of need some good details as far a slinkages and angles and such but here goes.

I am going to build a pvc frame stand up zombie for my cemetery yard haunt. It will most likely be standing behind one of my tombstones but may be out in the middle. The effect I am looking for is to have the zombies head turn like its watching things go by in front of the house. I am thinking about a 45 degree of movement, maybe 90 degrees. Kind of slow and creepy like. Probably easiest to make it a continuous deal.

ok....your thoughts please?
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Here's how I did a similar prop:

I like it. Just need to come up with a plan that will fit in a torso. might be just a case where I could use a smaller throw arm to turn the post.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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