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Most recent sculpt, mold, cast for a witch mask

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One item we're working on for 2013 is a large cauldron with three witches so I've been sculpting and casting the witches. Here are photos of the most recently finished one.

Original sculpt in Monster Maker's clay
Carving Sculpture Art Wood Jaw

Making the silicone mold
Organ Muscle Human body Flesh Jaw

Finished latex cast with paint
Textile Sculpture Plant Fictional character Art

Finished head with her wig in place
Textile Fictional character Black hair
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Thats awesome. Wish I could sculp to do things like that & I need a couple with heads as well.
Great Job...It's fantastic, Have you done a lot of sculpting and painting before?
Can't wait for the witches to come alive!!!! Very nice indeed
Thanks everyone!
Doto: I've been teaching myself for about a year now. I didn't have any sculpting experience but I picked that up fairly easily. It's the molding and casting that's been tough. I think I've tried every combination of products from Smooth On and Monster Makers in the last year. Still trying to figure out what materials I like best. It's been a fun learning process.
Nice! Very cool. Any products to recommend?
omg she looks amazing!

very impressive intellagirl

Teaching yourself, and only for a year?! WOW!!! You are so talented! This witch is amazing! I can't wait to see all your witches and the cauldron. Please keep posting pictures of your progress.
Nice work...really like the colors on her...:)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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