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Most Excellent Witch Hat

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Nice! How did you make it?
Careful planning and precision with Engineers from 3 continents, down to the 1000th of an inch! Lol. Nah....

Step #1) Cardboard for the brim portion and the base of the vertical part, duck taped together (black), then heavy duty foil took over for the bent curly shape til I liked it. I rough measured the hole to fit the exact skull its for. (mistakes made here). I actually didnt tape the foil to the cardboard, which would have been smart. I used 3M Adhesive spray.

Step #2) Used Viva paper towels with a heavy...80/20 Elmers glue mix to mache'. Let dry 2 days in the attic where its hot and dry....(possible mistakes made here as well)

Step #3 I have access to alot...of black, velvety concert drape which is heavy but has amazing texture. I put the brim right over the drape, used a sliver sharpie (to be seen) then traced the circle, and used an Xacto to cut it out. Cut 2, for top and bottom. Then rough measure the circumference of the head part (doesn't have to be perfect, will be covered up anyway). Then, I used that 3M adhesive spray and sprayed the hell out of the top and placed the piece over it and pressed it flat. Then the bottom. I cut an inch wide strip and filled the gap between the brim and the head part.

Lastly for the head part and curly part, I cut roughly 2 inch strips about 10-12 inches, applied lots of 3M adhesive spray and wrapped round and round and round all the way to the tip to give it texture.

Mistake #1. Cut hole slightly bigger...for the skull because tape and material will certainly shorten it!
Mistake#2 Careful using too much wet mache" for the brim as the brim soaked it up and began to bend the wrong way! When it dries, It dries and hardens....the wrong way! (Forehead slap here).
Possible mistake here: Altought Adhesive spray works well and..very quick, using too much on black material, the glue dries....white! had to go over with some black spray paint....

This hat came out great but I've decided that a black hat wont work with the theme for this witch. I need more earthy tones like browns so.......I will be making another one.
If you like, I take progress pics to show the stages....
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