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So the moss has had rain fog cold weather and sun.
All in all it turned out good.
What you need
Cookie sheet lined with foil
Rubber gloves
2 oz tube of craft paint. Your color choice
A cheap sifter.
Outdoor wood glue. I used gorilla glue.
A deep bowl to mix
And saw dust.

Put on your gloves.
Mix together 1 part paint to 3 parts water.( I emptied the paint bottle and just re filled it 3 times. Made use of every drop of paint)
Mix the paint and water well.
Start adding sawdust. I added sawdust by the hand full. Mix and add, mix and add. Stop adding sawdust when it no longer is absorbing the paint.
Spread the mixture out on the cookie sheet as thin ad possible and allow to dry.
Place small handfuls of the moss in the sifter and grind it around, preferably over the container you choose to store moss flock.
Paint the glue on your stone and dust the glue with the flock. After its dry brush off the excess and reuse it if possible.
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