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Morris Costumes

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I used to get Morris Costumes catalogs in the mail. They are just as good if not better than fright catalog. However i used to be able to request a catalog and they would send one no questions asked. Now it seems they don't freely give them out anymore. Now they ask for my company name which i don't have a company. Do they only give catalogs to dealers now does anyone know.
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Morris Costume is a very interesting and bizarre company to deal with. They only sell wholesale to businesses. I have a business selling items like that and tried to setup an account. Their web page wasn't working so they set it up manually (after more than a week) which was a very involved process. I eventually ordered some items and they totally overcharged me for shipping. It's been more than a month and they still haven't been able to setup a web account for my company and I've pretty much given up on them.

They don't seem like an organization that's interested in doing business. Very strange.
Other than 1 damaged prop that they drop ship to a customer of mine I have not had any real complaints with Morris. Most of the stuff I sell I sell from Ebay listings and once the item sells I place an order with Morris. In most cases it goes out the next day. I have not tried to link a web page to the Morris catalog system yet. Maybe some day!
I dont have a lot of faith in Scott right now. I had a customer by a Pycho Sam Animated prop. Morris set them an old, restocked unit that had been a display. I email my contact there who sent the info to Scott (twice) who was supposed to call me and take care of this propblem. Everyone knows you dont make customers wait...at least I diont. I didnt hear from Scott so I ended up reordering another prop to satisfy my customers. I sold the first one at a loss. That was over a month ago and I never did here from Scott. One reason you may not get a catalog is that some of them are now printed with the prices. I know they use to come with a price list (one for dealers, one for everyone else).
I crossed my fingers when I sent my one disappointed customer the 2nd Sam hoping it would be OK. It too was in great condition. Morris, all in all, has been very easy to deal wiith and other than that one incident I have not had any issues at all with them. I guess that's why I am not burning up the email/phone lines trying to get in touch with Scott. I just figure it the cost of doing business. Spirit store are crazy high when it comes to prices. I go in there store just to look at the items live and in person cause sometimes a catalog can be very misleading.
We talked to Morris about doing drop-ship orders from them at Transworld, so I'll be curious now to see what we get from them and how it will be to set up their products through our site. We've been working with Distortions for about a year and they've been fantastic, but sometimes they do run out of product and we have to wait for them to make more for our orders. We were hoping to use Morris as a back-up.
The only issue I have with them are their shipping costs and website. The site is terrible to navigate through and does not show all of their products along with new ones. Other then those 2, they are great to deal with.
Their shipping costs can't be what a lot of the ebayers do. I mean $40 bucks to ship something that costs 412 to ship, what a ripoff. I am going to look in to setting up an account with them even if it is just to buy at wholesale prices.
I just finished a stint dealing with Morris Costumes as an Ebay reseller. I only did it for 2 years. The first year I bought what I thought would sell, had it shipped to my house, and then listed it and sold it. Last year, I listed larger props and had them shipped directly from Morris to my customers. Last year went much smoother as I didn't have to deal with the boxing/shipping side of it. When all was said and done, taxes took half of my profits so I closed my doors. Setting up an account and getting the required licenses and permits is not worth the savings you get as a wholesaler. You have to file a tax stTemrnt with your state every month in my state whether you sell anything or not. Morris was greY to deal with and their shipping prices were fair IMO.
So...I got a catalog from them last week because of meeting them at Transworld...can I order from them at their awesome prices and use for my haunt, or do I need to be a reseller? Anyone know?
So...I got a catalog from them last week because of meeting them at Transworld...can I order from them at their awesome prices and use for my haunt, or do I need to be a reseller? Anyone know?
You have to be a reseller and/or have a valid Tax/Business ID.
Even with a tax I'd, Morris will need to set you up in their system.
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