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Morgue Sign (my first foam prop)

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I just finished this up today. I am going to use it on the entrance to the garage. It is just over 4 feet wide. Have been wanting to try building something out of foam for a while now, so I figured this would be a good project to get my feet wet in it. It was very rewarding to see this go from a sheet of foam to a finished product. Terra's painting tutorial was priceless. :D I think I have got a pretty good grasp on the foam, but I still need to find my own painting style. Overall, I am pretty pleased with it.

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Good job. Looks really good! :)
I have yet to make a foam project. Yours turned out really nice.
That is really kool and realistic. Great job. Now if only I could do something like that. lol
Thanks for the kind words. Building anything that doesn't include nuts, bolts and metal is new for me. ;)

Very nice.... Be carful the foam becomes addictive!!!
You aren't kidding. I am actually looking forward to making some of my own tombstones this winter. Just might be a new hooby. ;) I actually just glued together 4 layers of foam tonight I had left over. If time allows, I am going to make a custom tombstone for my grave grabber. :D
Nicely done! Reminds me I need to make a sign this year. Oh...never enough time!!
Very good prop and great technique!
(and it is VERY addictive... you start figuring out all sorts of things you can build :rolleyes::D )
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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