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More Potion Lables

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Before I got sidetracked with life this year I started a witch's kitchen project. Here are some of the labels I'm working on. If you have a favorite potion title I would love to have you post it on this thread. I love the creative ideas that come from this group....

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I love these lables! Where can I down load them from?
Thank you savagehaunter. These are my own design. If you promise not to distribute them and only use them for personal use, I might be persuaded to send you copies when they are finished. They are currently in draft form.
This is another series of labels I'm working on in Photoshop CS2. They will be printed on a parchment-type paper and aged. I have an interesting old crockery bottle that I will be casting to make a set of Madame Turlock's Potions to add to my witch's kitchen. I hope you enjoy them. I have several more in the works.

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Your sense of design is exquisite Madame Turlock. Everything from the images to the typefaces and layout. I've seen people collect wine bottle labels to remember the bottle of wine they drank. Your labels are definitely keepers too. I would love a set of them and would be happy to keep them for personal use. They're way better than any of the other labels I've bought or have seen out there. They'll be for the premium reserve stuff!
Madame Turlock, I absolutely love your labels. I would love to have a set for my potion bottles if you are inclined to share them with us. They are so very unique.
Hahahahahaha THOSE ARE GREAT!!!
Love the madame turlock line!
Can I order the compliance in a bottle? lol

Madame Turlock, Those labels are the best professional labels I had ever have the pleasure of looking at. You should sell these, I had bought a few labels and they are ok, yours on the other hand stand out!
Would you send me your copies, I would in no way distribute them because you should do that yourself. Excellent job!!
madam turlock those are extremly nice , wow very well done , love them , may i ask what programs you used to make all these ?
Madam Turlock, those are some some the best labels I've seen. Put me down for an order if you sell them. My daughter and her friend were playing in my back yard and found several old bottles buried and your labels would look great on them!
Thank you for the compliment. I use Photoshop CS2. I love this program because it provides endless opportunities to learn new techniques.

madam turlock those are extremly nice , wow very well done , love them , may i ask what programs you used to make all these ?
My husband and I are feeling pretty grateful for all the blessings we have received in our life lately. I feel like I need to give something back for what I have received. So for the 2009 season I will send a copy of the labels requested electronically as soon as I finish some final details. All I ask is that you don't distribute them or post them on other forums without my permission and that you are patient with me while waiting to receive the file. My husband is recovering from colon surgery and time for my projects is a bit unpredictable at the moment.
I have save some bottles though out the year and was looking for some labels. I would be happy to purchase some, just let me know, and will not distribute. Thanks Kingseeker
Love these! very clever and funny.
Thanks Madame Turlock, that's really nice of you and the private stash labels will be appreciated. Hope your husband feels better every day. Maybe he needs some of your "special" tonic to help him along?!
Love the labels and hope your husband gets well soon!
Those labels are wonderful, they're the best I've seen, great sense of humour too.

I hope your Husband makes a swift recovery xx
Thank you for the compliments and best wishes for my hubby's recovery. He's doing very well (but I'm worn out).

I'm a bit OCD about my projects. One of my goals for my witch's kitchen is to have a unique look for every label I make. I haven't made a background layer for the Madame Turlock labels because I will be doing a tea stain and aging process by hand. So those labels will not be available to send this year because of time restraints. But I would be happy to send you copies of the other four. They were made for specific bottles I have collected so I'll give you the dimensions to see if they are a size you can use.

Bat Blood 3" x 3 3/4 "
Coffin Liquor 3" x 3 1/4"
Jellyfish Stingers 2 1/2 " x 3 "
Goblin Eyes 2 1/2" x 3"

I have several requests that have come in and will wait until the end of the week to see if there is more interest. I would like to send them out all at one time. If you would like to have jpeg copies of the first four labels send me a PM with your e-mail.

Thank you again for your interest.

Take Care,
Debby (aka Madame Turlock)
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Your labels are terrific, you are quite talented. I would love a set of these, and will not distribute them either. You should go into business selling these, everyone would buy them. Hope that your husband recovers quickly.
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