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Morbid's Conjoined Twins rag doll- yet another artist ripoff?

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I fell in love with Morbid Enterprises' "2-Headed Toddler Girl" rag doll, due to its unique Burtonian creepiness and its quirky design.
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So, of course, it wasn't original.
Doing a quick search for "2-headed rag doll" directed me to this artist, Jodi Cain, who makes twisted dolls as a hobby, with their signature style being identical to Morbid's product. While I loved the Morbid doll, I can't say I'm happy that yet another talented artist is having her style copied and sold to the masses. Does anyone actually own the Morbid one?
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I don't own the Morbid one, actually this is the first time I'm seeing it BUT that other one by the artist is the cats *** ! I would love that one, like seriously, i feel I need it lol If the Morbid one looked like that I would have it asap. That artist is great, thanks for the link !
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