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Morbid Ronald McDonald and Wendy HELP

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Looking for some advise as to where to start with a Ronald mcdonald costume .. cant find anything anywhere ....

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or a yellow jumpsuit with red and white striped undershirt, just cut the sleeves off.
Thanks ~ i thought about making the suit myself .. but haven't been able to find a yellow jump suit as of yet .. thanks for the link
hmm, maybe a simplicity sewing pattern (or another brand lol) of a pair of coveralls, or a ones-y(spelling?) pajamas pattern. and then just not do the arms. or even white painters coveralls and dye them yellow. best thing about the "morbid idea" is that if you use a modified suit of sorts it could look purposely "wrong"...im not sure if that makes sense(im at work and people are talking all around me and I cant concentrate haha)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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