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Based on the poll I posted, many people like the western ghost town theme so I had an idea. The storyline is that "settlers settled at the base of a mountain range. The gold was rich there but a mysterious bigfoot type monster terrorized them and ran the folk out of town.". I was thinking about projecting a video of a shadow of a bigfoot type creature onto a cave wall that I have already made. If anybody has the tools and sparetime, could the make me a video that I could project, or any ideas of how to make the animation? I'm going for an effect like the yeti shadow at Expidtion Everest at WDW. Here is a link to the ride video. You can find the effect at 3:01 of the video :YouTube - Expedition Everest - Disney Animal Kingdom
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get a stuffed ape or monkey toy at a thift store lenghten the arms and legs attach wire coat hangers to the arms legs head any part you want to move then place in front of a light and put a green screen type back ground behind it,then film the shadow as you move the props arms and legs etc around. or make or buy (ebay?)a gorilla suit put someone in it and do the same thing.
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