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Monster prop id help

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I just know someone here can help me ID this prop. I need information on it please. I have someone who wants to sell it for $100. Thanks.:confused:

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Thanks I heard back form the seller and they claim to have paid $300 for it at a Spirit Store two years ago. I did not find it on there sight but I will keep looking. Your link looks like an original and I am not surprised Spirit made it later.
OK I really need a video or link to show this was available in the last few years otherwise this guys story is bogus. Anybody ?? Buehler..Buehler..
The "Gemmy animated monster" was discontinued in 2006. There were problems with his stand and he had a tendency to break the linkage that moved his neck, very easily. I bought one in 2009 at a yard sale for 30.00. You can also find him in really good condition on ebay for around 40 or 50 dollars. If you look him up on youtube, you will see that most videos displaying him are from around 2005-2008. He's not a 300.00 prop. He only moves his head from left to right, his brain lights up, as does his heart and he omits electrical sounds, grunts and growls, a spooky phrase and he sings "Monster Mash". Oh yeah, his eyes move and light up and his hands sort of wiggle now and then. He originally sold from the Gemmy company for around 150.00 retail.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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