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Hey all. I am new here. I just saw the post of the Decrepid Dime Store Halloween display. So cool.

I guess I want to show my restaurant...Monster Cafe Saltillo. It is Halloween here all year round.

Property Room Furniture Banner Table

Bar Bottle Glass bottle Glass Drink

Fictional character Tree Art Wood Plant

Tree Architecture Plant Dome Metal

Art Artist Visual arts Illustration Musician

Mural Art Fictional character Street art Drawing

Fun Fictional character Art

Event Ceremony Marriage Wedding Bride


Advertising Poster Art Street art Billboard

I hope you guys could come by sometime. We have been open 8 years now and still going strong. We are also on Facebook.

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Looks like you are having a great and fun time of it!
I have had my Haunted,Haunted House OPEN for 28 years-Every Night!! I love "entertaining people !"
A man who did stand-up Comedy told me about a year ago that I should be performing in a Comedy Club!?
But I am,my OWN "Comedy Club",right here I own it, I built it, operate it. capacity (first room) 15 people. Screaming, staggering drunks not allowed.
Sounds like perfection to me! It is,for what I like to do here and it's So much Fun!
Your place looks very well done and entertaining. I love the steel-work Spider webs.
My place: wwwhauntedravensgrin.com
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