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Modified LTD Reaper

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Someone at work was ordering from LTD so I picked one of these up. Out of the box they are not bad I guess for $19.99. I've given this one a little boost so he wouldn't look so much like drapes with a head.

chicken wire torso and pipe insulation arms to give him some bulk. I also added a layer of black landscaping fabric to the torso so you couldn't see right through him.

The LED eyes were recycled from another prop I got rid of last year. The motor was from an animated Minney Mouse doll. I fabricated a mechanism for the motor to make his head turn and then had to relocate the head/neck. Was a little bit of a pain working in his torso, but it turned out pretty good and works very smooth. Think I need to get him a sickle or something ? Figured he'd be a good addition to the cemetery. :)

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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