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Modifications to my Voodoo Queen with Ouija Board

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Here is a link to my Voodoo Queen and moving Ouija board from last year's haunted house.
Keep in mind, this is with the lights on so much less scary!

This year, I have purchased a four bar pneumatic riser. I am going to mount the Voodoo Queen to the riser. I will position her off to the left in the dark.
I have ordered a fake rattlesnake.
Namely this one. Safari's Diamondback Rattlesnake, Toy Fake Rattlesnake
I have a motion detector which will activate the riser and a sound file that will be played through my new Cowlicous sound board.

The video plays the sound file that I am going to add while the queen rises holding the rattlesnake. It is a scream following by snake hissing and rattles sounds.

I aim to scare this year. Last year I had too many high school kids that did not seem to be scared at all.

Let me know if you think this is scary enough or should I raise the scare meter some more. Maybe real snakes! just kidding.
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Is it going to be a sudden lunge upwards? If so, that's a good effect.
Startle scares are the BEST way of getting people... especially the teenagers. :D
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