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Mod gemmy rectangular mini UV strobes to stay on constantly?

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I have several Gemmy battery operated UV mini strobe lights--the model stocked by Target in a gray case and by KMart in a black case, labeled as purple. In a big series of tests I did with UV tube fixtures and various brands of UV CFLs, the Gemmy mini strobe had surprisingly good fluroescing ability when tested on what I use. But it's a strobe. Any easy way to open and defeat the strobing mechanism to have the LEDs stay on constantly? I'd ultimately like to build an array of 4 of these units chained together.

The UV Target model is still $8. At Kmart stores, if you can find any left, they've been marked down 50% to ~$4 each. I could only find two, and already owned one from last year. I have a UV Target one I picked up recently--last one left--for $8. But may return if I do a large radius after-halloween Target excursion and can find on clearance. Really don't expect to find any unless they are returns...

The Kmart ones I picked up are here:
Room Furniture

More about my tube vs. CFL brand tests in another post at another time. But long story short, I thought was the clear winner for UV CFLs was the seasonal "no name brand" one from Lowes, packaged in an orange and black box next to some orange colored seasonal CFLs. These are *not* the Feit electronics they stock all year long; the exact name escapes me, but it's Eco something or other--this sub-optimal CFL is also the exact one sold by Home Depot).

The seasonal UV CFL bulb I liked best, from Lowes, also seems to be the same model as the UV seasonal CFL sold by Walgreens. I've got model numbers of everything written down somewhere.

Incidentally, if you can find any left at Lowes, they the UV CFLs were marked down to around $3 each--a steal. Hitting a number of Lowes stores, I bought 10. :) Plan is to possibly make two arrays of 5 bulbs each, in some sort of reflective hood. Any suggestions there for materials / configuration would be great as well.

But the main thing is that I'd love to be able to easily open up the Gemmy UV mini strobes and defeat the strobing, having them be constantly on.
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UV LED flashlight or LED plug-in with same wavelength of UV as Gemmy mini strobe?

Can anyone recommend a UV LED flashlight, or plug-in house power UV LED light, with LEDs of the same UV wavelength used by the "purple" gemmy mini strobes? Kmart labels it "purple", but the LEDs are clear when powered off. And I think the fluorescence is quite nice, and more than acceptable, for my purposes. Seems to be in the right range of UV to fluoresce really well; again, at least to my satisfaction.
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