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Mockingbird Drive Haunt 2014, finally begun...

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There's more?!? WOW!
That's one fantastic display!
Fantastic!!!! Love it. I'm working, workingo on finishing ours up.... then will get to post pics
Well done , really liked the pictures on your site too !
Osenator - this is my fave of yours of all the years combined. The lighting is perfect, lit in place not in others. I like how you placed the spectre in the tree, and combined the pumpkins and hay perfectly!
Wow! It's overwhelming!
Love your lighting.
Red Night Room Darkness Event

Red Light Darkness Room Night

Red Wall Wood Window House

Thank you all, here is a few more. Lot more props will be put tomorrow, hopefully, the weather is be nice...
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we added a lot more props tonight, and got a brand animatronic... A huge 6 feet tall amazing werewolf!

Night Event Midnight Darkness

Green Fictional character Games

Tradition Event Night Costume Fictional character

Light Lighting Night Event Fête
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Love the pumpkin patch. I plan on doing the same thing this week in a corner of my yard. Your set-up is a great motivator.:D
Wow. That werewolf is an imposing figure! Very nice addition.
Okay, we manage to put out more stuff, even a few animatronics!

Light Lighting Night Event Tree

Green Event Performance

Green Event Performance Fictional character Night

will put more pics in my gallery later...
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osenator your display is awesome good job look really nice !!! Love that new werewolf I saw him when I went to Halloween Alley !
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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