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Hey. After seeing some of the AMAZING stuff people on here have done to produce haunt music, I thought I'd share what I did today to easily put together a haunted mix:

One of the standard programs that comes stock on new Macs is a thing called "Garage Band." I thought it was a program that I'd never use until I read the thread called "It's done! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!" and how jlb307's sound was produced using the Audicity app, which I also have to rip vinyl LPs.

But I thought Garage Band might be even easier to use.

What I did was to take two 30-minute tracks of wolf calls from a Sounds of Nature CD and played them TOGETHER at the same time. Then I took two thunderstorm sound tracks and laid them down over top of the wolves. After that, I added snippets of owls hooting, as well as calls from ravens, crows and eagles.

The result is truly spooky! Wolves-Thunder.mp3 New sound material is introduced throughout this 28-minute file.

I'm going to use this on a sound system on one end of my house as an ambient background while my main haunted music and other effects play from another sound system on the other end of my house.

(I figure if little kids are too afraid to approach my house, I WIN! Wah-ha-ha-ha! I'll take the treats out to the sidewalk.)

Bottom line: If you have a Mac, you can easily use that strange-looking guitar icon thing to mix together some of your Halloween sounds for a whole new, cool effect. I learned up on how to use Garage Band and produced this in less than three hours.
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