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Most people just turn on the air at 35psi or more & start squeezing the trigger, this will cool what ever glue you heated up & cause globbing. Get the gun hot, squeeze a little on the glue stick & as it starts to drip out, turn on the air at the glue gun lightly, you want the glue to thread out & let the air carry it. turn the air up a little at a time ( pending the distance your trying to shoot it at), as the air carries the glue,squeeze a little again & just let the air pull the glue out. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy. Occasionally you may need to wipe the tip if glue collects, as this will attract more glue & cause glob & drips. & don't squeeze the trigger a lot at a time, just a little as you start to loose the thread.... hope that helps a little. I have the MW-CCL & love it !
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