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Minion's webber best practices???

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I just got my MW-1 and tried it for about 3 mins, then realized I should seek some advice on how to use it best. I shot mostly globs and splatters.

What PSI do you use? I have a big 240 volt compressor, plenty of air power if I need it.

Do I need to adjust the nozzle at all? It seemed that the airstream (about 40psi) was just making a big blob at the top of the gun tip, and no glue was really falling into the stream unless I really squeezed a bunch out. Then it just blew blobs.

I bought Minions UV reactive sticks. The gun had had about 10 mins to heat up, although without a glue stick fed in. Maybe the glue coming out wasn't hot enough?

I want to do some light indoor webbing, how best to shoot webs close up? Do I turn down the pressure for closer work?

I just don't want to blow through $35 worth of glue figuring this out. I looked at Corey's site but didn't see much in the way of instructions for use...

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Played around with it a bit tonight, and tried Dark Lord's suggestion. Seems like you have to take your time and get a "string" out in the stream, then feed it. Once I got it going I could adjust the air with the valve on the gun and adjust the "throw".

I was a little disappointed by the UV reactive glue though. I brought a black light out to the shop and held it close to the webs I shot and I could not see them at all. I did see a few glue blobs on the floor show up though. Maybe there just is not enough material in a thin strand to react to the light? Any one else experience this??
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