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To all our friends,

Minions Web has moved, and has re-opened for business.

Almost 6 months ago, my wife was offered a position in another state.
Since that offer was tendered, we scrambled to find a suitable place to live and to operate Minions Web in New Jersey.

In three months we reviewed nearly 1000 properties, then checked out 70 in person.
Once we put an offer in we started the awkward dance of completing legal reqs and inspections along with packing up home and business.
The beginning of June we closed on the new property, took possession, and started the move from Ohio.
The past 6 weeks has been a very difficult transition period.

July 1, the contents of the home and business were finally delivered in NJ.
The work area had to be gutted and prepped for remodel in June, to facilitate our production workflow, which is near completion as of this posting.
Details have to still be completed, but we are at the point where work can once again be performed.

In the meanwhile Minions Web is seeking new staff in NJ, and has one of our old staff here from Ohio thru Halloween, to get us back up to speed.
Additionally, we are now telling our suppliers they can ship materials to us.
Our LED products are on the boat and should arrive the first week of September, after many delays.
A heck of a lot of coordination going on, but we are getting it done.

If you placed show orders, we are now processing those.
If you placed orders since the beginning of the move, we are working on the backlog.
If you are looking to place your order for this season, please feel free to do so.

Please note, the phone service is still a little screwy.
We have changed phone numbers and have a new business address, which will be included at the bottom of this email.

We are working as hard as possible to produce and distribute product.
Our goal is to be caught up and operating at 100% within 25 more days.

My wife and I really appreciate your patience, and continued business with this insane transition.


Corey Minion
Minions Web / TenMen Productions Inc.

Minions Web
844 Country Club Road
Bridgewater NJ 08807

Email: [email protected]
P: 973 8 HAUNTS (973 842 8687)
F: 973 8 HAUNT 8 (973 842 8688)

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Getting ready to order another VEI 935 (maybe a 950 too) fogger, will I get them before Halloween?

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Minions Web has become a Light-O-Rama certified Partner

Minions Web is please to announce we are now a certified partner with Light-O-Rama.
Light-O-Rama is a premier manufacturer of lighting and animation show control hardware and software permitting nearly unlimited channels of lighting and controls operation.
We will be stocking the full line of controllers, components, accessories and pre-programmed shows, as well as offering consultations, custom show creation services and product support.

This product line is perfect for operating your haunted house, dark attraction, theme show or home haunt either tethered to your computer or completely stand alone operation.
LOR units are capable of controlling up to 40 amps per controller, and infinite daughter units can be incorporated into a show.
DC and AC versions are available.

Minions Web has been utilizing the L O R controllers for the past year to test the lighting we produce, and to demonstrate our lighting products capabilities at industry shows.
We are so confident with the L O R products that it serves as our testing equipment to test lamp durability, function and authenticate manufactures specs when visiting our production facilities abroad.

Light-O-Rama controllers are an exceptional fit with Minions Web High Output LED PAR light bulbs and LED Spot Fixtures.

Let Minions Web show you how to utilize the L O R line to operate your entire show, melding wired or wireless operation of your lights, audio, animatronics, and effects machines in a native Light O Rama environment, merged with and controlling your DMX Universe, or incorporated into mixed control environments.
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