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Minions Web 2009 LED Bulb Pre-Ordering is OPEN

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Minions Web has opened the pre-ordering of LED bulbs for the 2009 season.
You can pre-order up until May 15th, with shipment expected approx 7/15 on our end.

This year we have added to our lineup of 18 & 36 LED bulbs that many of you are already familiar with.
We are now also offering 12, 50, 72 and 120 LED Spots in medium base 110vAC format.

We have also added new color choices as well.

We have always offered Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cool White, Blacklight and Infrared.

This year we have added Orange, Purple, Warm White, UV and Duo UV to our line up.

The pre-ordering period is open until May 15th with delivery approx 8 weeks later. As always the pre-order pricing is at a deep discount compared to
pricing post delivery.

For those of you who have not participated in this program in the past - the advantage to participating in the pre-ordering is guaranteeing that you get the bulbs you desire.
Many people risk it year after year and find out that within a week after we take delivery of the bulbs most have already sold out.

Some tidbits:
1) improved the weather resistance adding a 4th sealant point to the bulbs
2) full wave rectified
2) improved pairing of driver to LED array which yields:

* for even better output performance
* lower the wattage a tad more
* maximized lifespan
* the bulbs still can be controlled with the major controllers

Bulbs are listed here:
Minions Web

pre-order faq:
Minions Web

LED bulb faq:
Minions Web

I am working up a table with all pertinent data, but most information is contained within each bulb listing.

And a BTW - we have created Universal LED Bulb Mounts and Stakes (patent pending) for use with Zip twist style sockets.

No fumbling with a variety of stake lights and cords everywhere with inadequate seals around the bulb base (stakes lights are designed for use with PAR 30 and PAR 38 Lamps).

They are heat settable, so you can tweak the position any way you need.
Mount formats have through holes for attachment to shingles, clapboard, gutters, soffits, etc. - even the ground when used with spikes.
Stakes are also heat settable with a substantial 7" stake for use in the loosest soils, and a convenient step ledge to make placing them easier.

If you have questions, as always, please just ask me