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I received a teaser, a letter and some adorable tag cut outs, for a lack of a better way to describe them, will post pictures later, am literally having one of the worse days of my life.. asking my friends here for prayers for me and my son, don't want to go into detail, but please pray for us, God knows what we need, I have been fighting depression for a couple of years, am on meds. but the crap life has thrown at us makes it not work.. am having meltdowns all the time, I am so heart weary. My son has depression also, his right now is what I am worried about. I feel so helpless and alone.
you and your son are in my thoughts bethene you are not alone we are all here for you . i am so sorry life is throwing you this bad time.
lots of good energy coming your way sweetie

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Saki and I embarked on a side exchange via the Mini Reaper, and I received my package from her today! As per usual, she did an amazing job!

View attachment 240586
First there was this awesome Pirate chest, hand-decorated.

View attachment 240587
Inside were several great items for haunting and collecting alike! A cross perfect for any haunt scene, a gold pirate coin, some gold chains, a small glass pirate keepsake box. a velcro and cloth pirate cuff, and an awesome pirate manual that I'm taken by already.

View attachment 240588
Plus this cool strip of skull patterned fabric which I will come up with a cool use for.

View attachment 240589
Next up, a pirate related board game which will make an awesome treasure map!

View attachment 240590
This bottle, when shaken, creates a storm in a bottle. I've made these with the kids I work with before and they're amazing. Love the color of this!

View attachment 240591
This awesome pillar candle will go great with my Egyptian scenery, as well as this framed photo. Awesome!

View attachment 240592
This mummy kit is fascinating! I love new toys! It features several different symbolic heads. I'm so excited to see what possibilities come about via this. She also included these silver dishes and mummy head keychain.

View attachment 240593
This zombie head candle that bleeds out is one of my favorite things ever! I'm going to have to burn it out a bit so that it looks grotesque come Halloween time. Finally, some awesome pillar candleholders perfect for my walkthrough.

Thank you thank you so much Saki! I'm thrilled and have many hours of enjoyment coming my way through some of these new toys, books and gadgets. You rock! I'm stoked for you to get your package this week!
You are so welcome the pirate cuff is to putt around a hot coffee cup or tea so your hand dose not burn like the sleeves star bucks dose :)
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