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Lol, scareme. It is weird to still have another month to watch do. I hope to get things that get her much sooner though. I have lost this whole week since Inam at texaslucky's with the grandkids. I went to several antique stores yesterday but didn't find anything. Well, not things I could afford to use. I found one church thrift store that was not open but when will try it today. there is a huge SA store here, but they really only have what I was Joe classify as junk. Lol

I can't believe there is no Goodwill here. I have also been in withdrawal mode because the WiFi here is on the blink. she changed to cable several weeks ago and has had trouble with it. Repairman can't get here until Monday so I am stuck using my iPhone.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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