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Saki said I could play too so here's my list!

I tend to go for the scary rather than cutesie type of decor.

I have one room that I have been decorating with spiders the last couple of years, always need more web and spiders :)
And my kitchen has been kind of a lab/witch kitchen type of decor. I have scene setter walls that look like stone block
that I hang in there with some dungeon accessories and I made specimen jars last year to display on the built in desk.
I have both of the animated spell books and the Grandinroad walking hand (my 4yr old granddaughter thought we needed them)
I got the kinda gothic type scene setter walls for my living room last year also, don't really have a theme there,
just thought they were neat. I'm going to attempt an FCG in the picture window this year.
I haven't really decorated outside too much yet. I made a large spiderweb on window screen to hang on the front of the
house in the entryway there and I have a large spider and fly that I hang on it. I usually hang a large piece of faux fur
with neon colored cut out eyes attached in the door there too so it kinda looks like a cave behind the web.
Working on a graveyard for the front yard so anything for that would be great.

My family likes zombies (love to play Call of Duty on the Xbox)

I would love any handmade items, there is a very talented group here :)
Thrift store purchases are always welcome.

Feel free to use me as a guinea pig to experiment with new techniques and crafts.
I'm open to receiving Valentine, Mardi Gras, Easter or any other themed items

My pinterest page- http://www.pinterest.com/danasevans/

I really do need to do some updating ( ie add items :D ) but since this is a mini and I'm a little crunched for time (graduation announcements to get addressed) I'll wait til the main Reaper to do that. Gonna get the invites done so we can get them mailed this weekend and then it's Victim stalking time!
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YESSSS We've been lucky enough to be added as a late comer....

Easier to post the dislikes. Not so much into clowns or pirates... though at some point I'm sure those themes will enter our life it's not this year.

Likes are harder to list there are soooo many - Over the years we've done Big Bug, Witches, Drac, swamp, zombie and even an alien theme. Would like to add to our witches shelves/room. We already have several cow skulls would love to add new beasts real or imagined to the collection. Anything for our cemetery, stones, ground breakers, cemetery flowers. Over sized bugs, dragons, gargoyles. Cause we're open to anything, even stuff we didn't know we wanted till we saw it our list is not very detailed.

Store brought, homemade or semi homemade are all fine.
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