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Here goes...and know that I may add to this post as I think of more things. Looking forward to this one, it's bee awhile since I've done a reaper.
Shipping date is my B'day so I HAD to play along!

Changing two scenes this year. The garage will flip from a daycare to a hotel lobby (Will be named “Still Hill Cemetery Inn”) Anything for the ‘registration’ desk or walls would be perfect.

The other will be just a small pirate vignette/scene. So I need some ‘stuff’ to fill in there . Treasure Chest, Items to put in the treasure chest and anything to set the pirate scene. (I really don’t ‘do’ pirates, but my kidlet has requested that I do one after a recent visit to Disneyland.)


Ornaments for my Halloween Tree
Can always use potion bottles for the witch’s area
Games for the TOT’s to play for prizes
I have a neat wooden tray that would be perfect for a haunted tea-set or something of the sort. (just sayin’).
Undead things
Oddities-things for the witch’s cabinet
I have a large cemetery & mausoleum—anything for those areas.
Love Jack O'Lanterns..paper mache or funkin carved. Have a few made for me and they are all so unique. Would love to add more.

Dislikes: ( have few---I tend to love everything Halloween related)

Too-cutsey or glittery
Gore or torture

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I'm enjoying the lists! We crop farm, though, and things can get crazy busy in April and May. A lot depends on the weather, but I don't want to take the chance of not being able to give my victim the time and attention he or she deserves.

My other ride is a Ninja
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I'm enjoying the lists! We crop farm, though, and things can get crazy busy in April and May. A lot depends on the weather, but I don't want to take the chance of not being able to give my victim the time and attention he or she deserves.
Will miss you jen I totally understand.

Dawn of the Dead
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For Dawnski
I'm going to do a Cabin in the Woods theme (for 2016, thinking ahead!). So any elements from Friday the 13th, Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead, Sleepaway Camp and any other camp themed items are welcome. I want to turn our basement into the Evil Dead cabin.

Material - black, brown, camouflage
Jason's outfit to build a prop
Bullseye target and fake arrows--can be gory
Anything Camp Crystal Lake
Any kitschy items you might find in a cabin, taxidermy
Kitschy camp items for wall like trophy heads, silly talking fish
Furry critters, maybe some kind of stuffed animal as animal skin I can tack on walls
A Mess Hall banner sign (letters about a foot tall) that I can hang in our kitchen, on any kind of material
Bloody mice in a mouse trap
Spider pods
Bone wind chime
Cannibal home accessories like a skin lamp shade
Fake animal traps
Tape recorder like from the Evil Dead movie or something fake that looks like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEqsmruTWWE
Necronomicon face book

I want to turn our living room into the basement scene from Cabin in the Woods where everyone is picking up items that represent different monsters that might attack them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRHt07F3gBo
Looking for:
Conch shell
Hellraiser box
1970s style ballerina music box
And if someone is feeling crafty, the Diary of Anna Patience Buckner, 1903 http://thecabininthewoods.wikia.com/wiki/Patience_Buckner

If you're stuck for ideas, I also like anything that has a macabre gothic vibe, odd curiosities.
Really, you can't go wrong with this one. See my Pinterest idea board: https://www.pinterest.com/zim2/my-halloween-to-do-list/

Have enough Jason masks (Thanks Saki.Girl!)
Cutesy stuff

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OK... I'm expanding my cemetery this year so anything for that would be great, I would like to start an outdoor witch area this year and a curiosities cabinet (I have nothing for either of those)...

Likes: I'm not picky...I'm perfectly fine with guts and gore, dark and twisted...I love zombies and skeletons, creepy dolls, gargoyles, NBC...pretty much anything Halloween :)
Dislikes: cutesy

Girl Gone Mad
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well I'm planning on doing vampires as my theme this year.

It will either be Steampunk vampires or Tanz der Vampire (European play based on the movie...going by the play not the movie) or a mix of the two since I'm so into Tanz :D

so could use cabinet of curiosities
apothecary items
gothic items
household items/decor (kitchen, bed, bath, etc)
costume pieces (jewelry or other)
old or unique keys
old books
gothic crosses or vampire ankhs
party/serve wares
things to do with the moon
clocks and/or time pieces

basically anything that can be mixed into the vampire theme
I don't mind homemade or thrift store finds.

don't like/don't need:
Twilight (though the Volturi are pretty cool :D but not going to use them this time)
True Blood
Vampire Diaries
Buffy or any other "modernized" vampire soap operas :D
excessive gore

Hope that gives enough ideas...can find some, maybe in my pinterest.

I just added a Halloween wish list to my pinterest boards https://www.pinterest.com/wikkidpunkin/halloween-wish-list/ so there should be some ideas in there...I've hinted some ideas on some of the pins...if you find something similar for a much cheaper price...or just happen to be good at crafts :D
But then some things don't seem to be all that hard to make...I just don't have a printer :confused:
Anyway, I will add as I find other pins. Of course you're welcome to look at my other boards to get an idea what interests me.

Just editing to say I don't have a working camera right now, so whomever is my reaper, if you could take pics to post after
I receive I would be much obliged :D

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Dislikes are the easiest-- gore, body parts, clowns, aliens, pirates, cutesy

We have a graveyard that is usually patrolled as the TOTs walk by. I've ended up in many a family photo while working it! We set up a tent in the driveway that has black lights and hanging glowsticks.

Our decorations are pretty traditional-witches, pumpkins (there might be a corpsed pumpkin or 5 LOL), spiders, candles, rats, bats, etc.

I am obsessed with covering things with modge podge (still have a gallon) even though some of you might remember that I can't stand the smell of it LOL. I sew, paint, knit, and probably should stay of off Pinterest because it gives me too many ideas.

I love pictures of creepy bare trees---probably why I paint so many of them.

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I know I haven't posted my list yet. But I truly feel this is the hardest part. Does anyone just copy their last list? That's what I'm tempted to do.

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OK I'm still looking for dolls. Cheap, I'm going to tear them up anyway dolls. I also need some of those cheap grass skirts from Dollar Tree. Mine hasn't gotten them in yet. I love thrift store items. . I'm always into vintage Halloween. I will love what ever I get. I'm also starting to collect clowns. I swear my want list is just the opposite of Saki's. I like ghosts, bats, spiders and love crows. My favorite movie is Trick R Treat. Anything from that. If I think of anything else, I'll add it.

As I've said to anyone who will listen, (I feel like a broken record) I'm doing dolls this year. I love all the dolls everyone has sent. But I'm going for numbers, so I'll take all the broken down dolls you've got. I'm always into vintage Halloween, and really, pretty well anything. If you find that odd thing at a thrift store, I love it. As for what I don't do, anything with Satan. I'm in the bible belt and the devil doesn't go over big down here. I also tread lightly with witches.

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My 2015 list

We held our first Halloween party last year and I have no set theme yet. We know we are doing a walkthru butcher shop in the basement so things for that for TOTers would be good.

I love things that can hang in my big trees out front--ghosts or ghouls or scarecrows. I want to expand a cemetery this year so things for that would do too. Ground breakers or the actual stones for the graves. I would love a skeleton or bags of bones.

We have a party with all ages included in it.

I really love ghosts, bats, witches,spiders and spooky things to go in the house, too. We have three teens and a nine year old so just about anything would work.

Looking forward to this one and will be happy with new, repurposed or thrifty finds that you find.

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We have a big party in a big yard so anything for decorating large spaces is great: fabric, creepy cloth, spiderwebs, tombstones, bones, JOLs, etc. You know, your standard Halloween cast of characters…I want to do a large cemetery this year (we have a big yard), and the plan right now is a Day of the Dead party.

I love playing with lights, so anything that makes creative lighting is fun: glowsticks, string lights, cheap dollar store LEDs, etc.

I love Victorian decorations and costuming: jewelry and accessories, anything with colored glass. I like a dark Victorian vibe—candlesticks, books, bottles, picture frames…also, Steampunk! I particularly like long pendant-style necklaces, and hair accessories.

I like Day of the Dead things: sugar skulls, skeleton figures, etc.

Things based on dark literature, Edgar Allan Poe, Sleepy Hallow, etc. for example, would be cool. I'm an English instructor in real life! Also, ghost stories or ghost hunting type books. I love things on roadside attractions or weird local legends. I have quite a few on California (duh), but would love to learn about other places.

I sort of want an apothecary set, or other “curiosities.”

Also, miniature things: scenes in tin boxes (altoids?), terrarium graveyards, Halloween scenes in a pumpkin. Those things are awesome; I want to make my own someday, but have never gotten around to it. I've been working on a Halloween village based off of Dollar Tree village pieces, so accessories for that would be great.

We usually have a costume tent or space at our parties so I collect odds and ends of costume pieces throughout the year. This can be dollar store stuff, thrift store, bits and pieces, whatever. Personally, I also like nail polish, accessories, and fun make up around Halloween.

Ok, now the specifics…

I LOVE spiders! I like realistic spiders, fuzzy spiders, and kind of cute spiders

I love all things Disney, specifically Disneyland. Anything Haunted Mansion is awesome (especially involving the wallpaper pattern). Nightmare Before Christmas is always welcome. My favorites are the villains. I love anything Disney Villains. My favorites villains, in order, Malificent, The Chernobog, The Queen of Hearts, the Evil Queen, and Cruella deVille.! I want my costume to be something Disney Steampunk this year, but haven’t figured out the details yet.

Oh, I also love Halloween or any kind of creepy music, especially things that are not that well known. I love discovering new music for Halloween.

We're not really that fond of gore or blood. I don't really like the dolls or babies much. Our parties and Halloween celebrations are a bit creepy, but family friendly. Also, we live in the California low desert, so things that are heat sensitive (candles, edible objects) may not work. It's HOT here, and I'm afraid of things melting! I personally am not that fond of cutesy things (except socks--I love Halloween socks for some reason). And I don't really dig zombies or horror movies. Glitter is ok.

I have a pinterest board just for the reaping:

This is pretty much copied from other secret reapers, but it’s still a good list!
Happy stalking!

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Wooooooo hoooooooooooooo ready to get this party started. I am the one who hates the long time to ship. I know it gives us lots of time to budget, find, craft and ship, but I like to work under pressure of deadline. I am this way in everything. When I have this long I tend to do nothing until right before deadline. I vow to change that this time and get right on this and even ship early.

I updated my list, too!
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