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****** Mini Reaper Likes and Dislike ****

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Here is the likes and dislikes for the mini reaper . post up here and remember the more you have on your list the easier it is for your reaper
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ok, lets get this thing started:
here is my list, i might add more,this is off the top of my head.... will probably edit it,

love. witches, especially the Wicked Witch. While I like potion bottles, I really have enough. A decorative witch hat would be cool, as would. a open spell book for display.

Any Halloween art work is always welcome.
I love to read and love multiple genre's. Sci-fi \fantasy, mystery, horror,think Dean Koontz, Stephan King,if it has a good story,I'll like it! (although I have read most of the authors listed)
I do a outdoor grave yard,so anything that goes with that, lighting,ground breakers,skellys,ghosts, lighting.,etc.

spider area things.
animated things,

Love thrift store,and hand made items

indoors decor, knick knacks, etc. I like holiday dish towels,potholders,etc. Cool socks. I love the art work and hand painted items that have been made,

I like spooky. and. creepy, things that go bump in the night. Indoor things can be cutsey. some what ....
I have four very spoiled kitties..

zombie babies,,gross dolls, clowns,movies. gory and bloody things.

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The other thread said leave a very detailed list of likes and dislikes. Here goes.. I don't like you and you and you, I kind-of like you, but not that much. Oh, I do like you, you and you. Well you I'd just die for. What? Not that kind of list? Oops, my mistake. You know I really love you all. The other kind of list will require some thinking, which I'm not all that good at. Excuse me please, I'll be back later.

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This year’s theme is gathering of witches
I will be having different scene for each witch That I have.
I decorated inside and outside.
love goodwill finds / homemade or bought.
Likes things I could use.
Cauldron all sizes love these
Witch hats
A decorated witch hat will be used as a center piece on table.
potion bottles
Items you might find in a witches kitchen
Dried herbs
Smudge sticks
Toads / Frogs
wood bowls
Witches broom
anything to do witch witches not cute stuff dingy old like a witch hag would have.
a cool door wreath

ideas for my reaper


Items for any of the following witches scenes I am having.
Voodoo witch
Soul keeper
Salem witch trial witch
Gypsy witch
Skull witch
Forest Witch
Snow white witch
Wicked witch of the West OZ witch
Ghost witch

Now that i have plenty of room i want to collect more inflatables
Also want to start collecting blow molds.

Lighting is always welcome this is something i have to get better at and do not have much of so any lighting is very much welcome .

also have a very spoiled kerilian bear dog she is my baby girl :)

body parts
cute Halloween stuff

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Here's my list...

Here's my list, and I may add more as I think about it.

Haunt vision for this year: Singing skull band,( I have one three axis skull assembled and another in the box to assemble) setting in a grave yard, with a pneumatic trumpet player (already built). with lanterns hanging from trees. A witch scene set up with potion bottles, witch books, rocking granny (witch) , cauldron creep. Alright I've had this vision for a few years, and I haven't pulled it off yet, but it will happen.

Likes: anything that would fit in the vision above
Things for the band. Clothes or hats for the band.
80s hair band style wigs in children's size
70s style wigs, boys and girls style and sizes

Potion bottles and/or labels

Goodwill, thrift store finds

Plan to do pirates in a couple years, so anything that theme would be good.

witch books, spiders, webs, crows, fake logs, nick knacks that would fit a witch scene

Home made LED candles for graves

skulls, tombstones, bats

Old frames in any shape or size, I probably will spray them black

Would love glitter bombs for indoor decoration or any type of halloween related indoor decor

Cheese cloth ghost for a FCG.

Just about any of the terrific crafts I have seen people on the forum create

Gypsies or fortune teller items

Vampires, vampire hunter kits

Spooky paintings, photos, love the macabre and the altered vintage looking photos. Old photos of witches.

lenticulars, I have all the ones from Dollar Tree

tarot cards

Bayou or New Orleans style cemetery items

Day of the Dead

Disney's Haunted Mansion

I love dishes, serving items, napkins, party goods, kitchen items, specialty towels, etc. ​Any Holiday or special occasion would be good.

Throw pillows either hand made or bought

Cats of any kind

If you are mechanically gifted, I would like a haunted swing, a flying crank ghost, a tombstone peeper, or any other animated object for the grave yard.

I know I will love whatever you send me reaper. Love your victim.

I want to create a spooky ambiance, not scare the little kids too much, while still making the older kids remember the yard.

Blood, gore, guts, slashers, chainsaws, you get the idea. No Freddy, Michael, Ring, Saw etc...
zombies, I am planing to make a grave grabber though
Can't stand Zombie Babies or evil babies, or deformed babies. Best to leave babies alone in general
clowns, carnevil, etc...
Please, nothing that was once really alive or fetal in a jar. Just saying

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I am doing a big walk thru from my front yard to the backyard and onto my screened porch. The theme is Conjurers Consortium and features witches, wizards, fortune tellers, alchemists and all sorcerers and similiar figures.

Mortar and pestle, anything unique for a wizard, alchemist and/or witch's shelves.I have numerous full size witches and fortune tellers and am in the process of making wizards. So anything cool for shelves or tables for any of these.

I have a Traveling Witch Kit that I made last year and got a wonderful Gypsy Witch one form bethene in the Winter Reaper. I would love to have one for a wizard and/or an alchemist.

******* I really need to work on lighting and music so could use help with either. Colored spotlights for cemetery in back yard and/or for the cauldron creep in front. ALso would love to have some bigger tombstones. I have all small ones like from the dollar stores. Love how some of you used them last year and built them up.

I want to have a section of the graveyard for famous witches, wizards, tellers, etc. I have a stone for the Wicked Witch of the West that is pretty cool and has her hat on top of it. Would love a stone for some other famous witches, wizards, tellers, etc. or just general wizards, witches, tellers.

Could also really use some signs for the non witch things.

I have tons of witch signs (and still love them all) just need to develop the other things in the sign and display area.

Colored lights---strings of them or even Halloween shapes for my Creepy Cantina back porch. We leave the lights up year round.

Someone asked me why I always do witches---I just love them. I am really farming out most of my other stuff to my daughter and friends. Who knows I may be sending some of it in some of the Secret Reapers.

Maybe a scyring mirror or a great wizard's staff. I WOULD LOVE to have a SORTING HAT or even Mrs. McG's tall hat.

I will always need spiders, toads, owls, etc. though. They are a witches right hand. Right? Would love a big owl and cat.

I love thrift store, repurposed, new and things that are just off the wall. I just love the hunt for things as much as the receiving and decorating. You send it and I will love it---PROMISE

I have two very spoiled Dauschund dogs--Lulu, a female and Hank, a male. They really don't know they are dogs.

If you happen to know how to make hands for props or have some of these that you don't use (even the pull on gloves that look like hands) I am in desperate need of hands for my wizards.

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This year Halloween Wifey and I are really concentrating on our cemetery and everything that will work with it to make it just right. We want it to be a hit this year. This is our first year doing a haunted graveyard and we would like to knock it out of the park.

We're going to have several full size props throughout the cemetery. The cemetery is going to be combined, through the front yard and the back.

Here is a list of things we can use, and below that list will be things that we can't use or already have.

Thanks in advance, Reaper!

Things we can use

-Hand crafted tombstones.
-Store bought tombstones.
-Green cemetery moss. ( To be placed on tombstones)
-Green, Blue, or purple flood or LED lighting setup for front and back yard.
-Perma-Blood from Pale Night Productions.
-Black colored tea lights with orange/amber flame for my witch jars.
-A larger sized cauldron. Handmade or store bought.
-Ground breakers to be placed near the tombstones.
-Old, creepy, grunged up grey looking lanterns.
-Several PVC candles to be placed in front of tombstones.
-Fog machine ( If you happened to find one on clearance or at a thrift store)
-Realistic resin skulls to be placed throughout the cemetery grounds.
-Tools that would assist in my new found hobby of learning to make foam tombstones.
-Larger sized printed epitaphs to use as templates for tombstones.
-Faux cemetery fencing pieces. ( PVC, chain links, etc.)

Basically anything that will work for our cemetery theme.

Random things we can use

-LED tealights in amber colors.
-Hand painted Witch signs to be used in the house. We will have a witch theme inside the house, with several animated witches.
-Old, torn up, creepy curtains that would work for a bay window.
-Crazy Bones/ Seasons/siders of the web Skeleton dog.
-Witch mask/Hat for a static prop that we are attempting.
-Zombie face prosthetic pieces.
-Hands for graves.

Things we don't need at this time

-Zombie babies
-Potion bottles (Have lots)

I may add to these lists. I will list any new additions below this.

Ok, Halloween Wifey told me include 4th of July items in our list... if anyone makes handmade 4th of July items too. Maybe sneak one in the reap for her. :)
4th of July is her 3rd favorite holiday.
She's going to pin some items and we'll post the link to our Pinterest.

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Im doing a Witches scene outdoors this year.
I'll be needing anything you'd find in a witches lair.
I have lots of potion bottles and spell books, unless there is something you think I'd love of course
I'd love a white owl or a brown one.
Any kind of critters frogs, owls, cats, lizards. (Not zombie, skeleton or dead ones)
A witches mirror would be cool.
A book on tea leaf reading would be awesome
I need a magic wand

I'd like any kind of Primitive Halloween Items
Especially primitive Jack O Lanterns
I'd love one of those little black table top trees with prim ornaments

I love Halloween Witches but also Pagan related items.
I'm an Eclectic Pagan an Eclectic Witch, basically I just want to spread goodness and happiness as far as I can reach.
Things for my altar, I feel like they are more special if they are found or gifted.
I love natural type things, things found in nature, my favorites are Forrest or ocean related things.

Any type of gothic garden items would be very much appreciated
I love Halloween related planters. Anything I can put dirt in with a succulent.
Gargoyles, fairies and other garden statues (I don't care for gnomes)

Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman
Severed heads
Jack o lanterns
My Sleepy Hollow stuff will be in my living room and dining room this year.

Haunted Wedding Theme
I call it Til Death Do Us Part,
white roses a little blood spattered would be great
Any kind of thrift store or used wedding stuff I can change into something spooky.
I need a couple of those large honeycomb paper bells.

heres the link to my to do list

Dislikes: Snakes

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Universal monsters
we are doing a Frankenstein theme this year need lots for it
out door props for Frankenstein
Day of the dead my mantle is decorated in it
body parts
skulls ;) real or fake are most welcome
kitchen witch items
Bats ♥
Handmade items
gently used goodies (thrift store)
cemetery pics for my walls
old horror posters

cute/ glitter

Happy haunting :D

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I like.... all things Skeletons ........ Gnomes, animals, monsters.
Monster gnomes and other evil garden critters
I'm working on Pepper Ghosts this year. Waiting to see Atmosfeax FX newest stuff this summer.
I tend to throw Halloween parties and get involve with Trunk or Treat.
I have one room decorated in Egyptian theme.
We use LED string lights on the outside (red or Halloween colors)
Also looking for Bat Houses due to the woods we live by.
I would love to get a Chucky doll.
I don't mind if the items are used.
Giant spiders could also work.
And I also like gargoyles and little monsters.
Anything spooky for the doll house or creepy/monster teddy bears.
Monster action figures. Kids 3 and 7
Booze. Wife needs it after dealing with my hobby/obsession.

Non LED lights. Can't use them
Cute stuff. Useless.
No sound effects or movie videos.
paper decoration
Gore stuff like body parts and fake blood.

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Here are my likes and dislikes
LIkes: Bones, werewolves, mad scientist kinds of things, H.R Giger kind of creepy art, weird things in jars, science fiction horror (think the movie Event Horizon), Humor horror like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, 1980's B horror, making hats, making sculpture, making costumes, making plushies, trick or treating with my wife and daughter, decorating for Halloween, quirky things like zombie yard gnomes. I could find good use for buttons, sculpey or sculpey like material, any fabric odds and ends. I cool with anything from thrift stores and dollar stores that I can turn into something creepy or wacky, or creepily wacky.
Dislikes: Dump truck loads of guts and blood for the sake of it, cutesy Halloween like the little "witch crashed into a tree" yard decorations
I hope this isn't too thin a list lol.
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