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I have wanted to build a Monster in a box since the first time I saw a video. But alas this year was filled with many other BIGGER projects. Then the other evening I got a brain storm. I will make a MINI-THING version.

I had quit smoking about two years ago and had and inexpensive humidor just sitting on my bar. So I used it as well as some odd construction type paper my wife spotted on sale at Micheal's. Add some DOLLAR store black mesh cloth , some home made labels I got somewhere on line and some moss. Smother it all with modge wodge and BAM !!

I will still need a small chain or rope to tie around it, loosely. Then I plan to put a small weird little jumping box I have had for years that looks like a crate and says "let me out of here! "

Anyway here are some pictures, let me know what you all think. Its my first real creation from nothing I have ever done.

small monster in a box build 1.jpg

This is the humidor BEFORE

small monster in a box build 2.jpg

This is the paper pad we found, on sale for $10

small monster in a box build 5.jpg

Went with an odd purple since the rest of the box was black and would be left alone.

small monster in a box black mesh.jpg

Dollar store black mesh, got my monies worth !

small monster in a box label.jpg

One of the labels

small monster in a box label 2.jpg

Another Label and some moss and lots of Modge Podge..love that stuff.

small monster in a box finished.jpg

All dried and done !! Just needs the monster...
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