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Ok Fellow haunters. here is a video posting of some of my work this year. Here in NC/SC we had the best halloween ever!! First off, we did a haunted trail for everyone that was built out of about 300 pallets stacked two high and build in my yard. Second, we decorated it with lots of reapers. strobes, black lights, lasers and filled it with props we have been working on, including pneuamtic coffin, spitter, pneumatic groundbreaker, and a zombie on a lazy susan.. it all worked flawlessly for two nights, one for our party, and one for halloween. all of the pneumatics are run off of a husky compressor. unbeleviable. i was using harbor freight before, never again..

The other big news this year is that we decided to do a Local Community Food Drive and advertised it with the company i work for and the homeowners from whom i got approval to do all this stuff put it out in a local community letter and our HOA letters. So we had over 250 trick or treaters this year and over 200 walked the trail.. some were scared. WE also just had a ton of fun cause even some adults that put their kids to bed or were at home decided to come over and chat and i think there was like 20-25 of us all in the culdesac just talking and living life. it was fantastic and i got soo many postiive reviews, for all the work it was, it was definitely worth it.. In the end, we raise over 275 llbs of canned goods, the food bank told us 1lb feeds 3-4 people. Then my boss matched that donation with a $275 check. Second Harvest was stoked that we did a drive for them... Thanks to anyone on this forum who has helped me.. check out the videos below, this was taken waaaay after everyone had left and i forgot to get some pics,like always!!! really bad at that.. anywhoo, some of the videes may be dark, it was taken with an iphone but enjoy anyways.

Rob Schaff

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