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Mind Fear 2015 version

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This is many years of haunting/scares all rolled into one large walk through haunt for 2015. It was a major undertaking to put out everything I had accumulated over the years plus the few new scares and my wall that I've been wanting to do for years now. I took a week off of work to set it all up and it took all of a week minus the two days lost due to rain. Only had 2 minor issues and that was 1 fogger not work and 1 e-cracker not work but I didn't dwell on it. The funny thing is, I'm still packing it away. Hope to be done by Friday. I had a friend do a walk through with a gopro but I haven't got the video sent to me yet. I do have day time front view pics. Here it is:

Tree Natural environment Nature reserve Natural landscape Biome

I don't have a fence made yet but will in the years to come. So for now, I use caution tape.

Wall Brickwork Brick Architecture Graffiti

This is before putting the plastic strips for a door way on.

Tree Land lot Grass Woodland Soil

Tree Leaf Land lot Woodland Soil
Leaf Tree Backyard Yard Soil

I had a total of 4 large speakers plus 2 self powered subs for the sound of a stormy night powered by a 400W Sansui. A lights alive 2 ch simulator with their LED lights. 2 fog machines hooked up to aluminum dryer vents with holes to disperse the fog through the cemetery. In each of the towers; a cauldron with a fire simulator in each. 1 green laser up in the tree about 20 foot to create a false green sky but because the leaves hadn't fallen; I didn't get the effect I was hoping for. But I have come up with another idea for the laser. Also put down about 10 bales of pine straw along with leaves and tree branches collected from my yard and neighbors. I think it adds to the effect of an old cemetery look. Along the walkway into the castle, there was 6 tiki torches burning.

My mom came up from FL and neighbors wife was at the entrance. They restricted the amount allowed in at one time and told of the rules. I only let max of 3 at a time in, think it heightens the scare effect. Plus we can keep up with any suspecting stragglers and make sure they are out before letting more in. We use ear piece walkie talkies to do this. We had about 300 to 400 come through. More adults wouldn't come in then children. Guess they didn't want to walk around the rest of the night with wet pants,lol.

Thank you all here on this forum for the endless ideas and endless tutorial's. :D
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For the scares inside in order-motion activated man trapped in a box, then poltergeist TV and flicker light eerie room, then IR activated old school strobe alarm, then a man dressed in all black that follows you for an eerie effect and/or scare you, then motion activated scream box, then motion activated e-cracker, then IR activated car horns with 75 watt off-road light, then defaced actor, then invisible laser over the candy dish activated air blast at your ankles, then crazy black & white jester clown with a chainsaw, death metal music playing, & blue strobe, then a dead acting female monster, then suppose to been another e cracker but wasn't working, and lastly the vortex tunnel with eerie music and someone dressed in all white with an air horn.

We all had an awesome time. Because I can't pay my helpers (6), I bought them pizza's for lunch and an open liquor cabinet and endless beer (only because I knew them really well and knew how they acted when buzzed).

I need to figure out how to link a camera up to some scare's to capture the moment, maybe someone on here can tell me how to do that.
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