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I found a page that has spooky sound effects and music from Disney's Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! (My favorite place to celebrate!) It all sounds CD quality, none are 'live' recordings:

Yenfai1138’s Weblog

It's about halfway down the page; click the blue words under the picture to go to the download page. There's an mp3 and wav files for each track.

There's a 30 minute track of spooky background sounds with the occasional Haunted Mansion theme, which could be used in any haunt.

The other four tracks are kind of Disney specific. There's a Party announcement, a Headless Horseman announcement, some parade music from several years ago, and fireworks music. The witch and music at the end of the fireworks music isn't Disney specific and could be useful. Also, the middle of the parade track has very spooky sound effects which would be good to loop.

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