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Mickeys Halloween Party 2014

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Had a lot of fun, it was great!! I posted some photos?? Anyone want to share their Disney Halloween Pics??
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We didn't make it to the halloween party when we were there last year. Joys of traveling with people that arent into Halloween (inlaws).
This Disneyland (CA) instead of World (FL)? I didn't do Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween in Disney (Disney World) earlier this month I went to Universal Halloween Horror Nights instead.
Yeah this is Disneyland in Ca, how was Horror Nights? I didn't go because the houses had no appeal to me I was hoping for the conjuring. I did go to Knotts Scary Farm and saw Elvira, it was great!!
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I dig the houses at Halloween Horror Nights (at least in FL). Walking Dead was the best this year. AvP was good, but could have left the P out of it as far as I was concerned. Dracula Untold was a cool walk through. Halloween was the second best one.

I like doing haunted houses so YMMV
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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