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Michael's Halloween '09

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Is it just me, or does anyone else think their selection this year is really poor? I think they've pretty much put out what they're going to get, but it's mostly last year's left overs, and all that bling crap. Even the resin tombstones are cheesy. I'm not seeing anything that looks even marginally appealing. Hoping the other retailers have a better selection.
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their selection has certainly forced me to be more creative.... see what I can use from different areas of the store and transform it into things we want/need. Michaels is pretty much IT for Halloween in our Area right now unless we Drive up to LA. I have purchased one little sign for my bedroom door that says "here lives a witch and all her monsters" because I have kitties that think they belong in my room. Otherwise I haven't wanted or needed to purchase anything from their Halloween selections. I can't wait for Walmart to put out their stuff in September... We have only have 6 weeks until we set up... If they don't have it, I won't have time to make it... Curse this economy!
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