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Michael's Halloween '09

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Is it just me, or does anyone else think their selection this year is really poor? I think they've pretty much put out what they're going to get, but it's mostly last year's left overs, and all that bling crap. Even the resin tombstones are cheesy. I'm not seeing anything that looks even marginally appealing. Hoping the other retailers have a better selection.
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I bought two of their grabbing skeletons, a couple boxes of orange LEDs and two of their large styrofoam heads....mostly to use up coupons I had.

I went back last night with 50% off coupon and couldn't find a thing I wanted to buy. I don't decorate inside, so that eliminates most of their stuff. The tombstones are too small. I'd thought the witch at half off would be a good deal, but I don't use witches in my haunt.
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