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Miami Florida checking in!

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Hello Haunters,

2015 will be the second year for my yard haunt and I am looking forward to not only getting great ideas from these forums but helping others as best I can.

My game is to make professional looking haunts as inexpensive as possible. I'll link last year's Spider Layer haunt video below, hope you enjoy.

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Hey another South Florida Haunter! We are kind of few and far between! Just watched your video and it was very nice! What are your plans for this year?
Few and far between is an understatement lol my treaters last year were in awe with older generation family members slowly walking around saying they had never seen anything like it lol. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just you and me ;-)

This year the plan is a haunted graveyard with a witch seance going on. If it goes how I have it planed then there should be a good amount of flying ghosts. Only problem is I won't be back in Miami to start till close to the beginning of October...so cutting it close :)

What's your plan for this year?
My plan is to do a type of Headless Haunt! However, I keep getting derailed by Pinterest! LOL! I live in a gated community and have a yard the size of a postage stamp! I do have a graveyard but I wanted to redo it. My wire ghost ladies will be in it this year and my skellie witches will be on the corner with my haunted garden. By my front door are which is covered, I am doing a bunch of scary mirrors and the big animated mirror from GR will activate when the kids come up. I will have a table with skellies, rats, food etc. I made black silhouettes out of pink foam that will hang on my fence. I live on the corner of a cul de sac. Check out my youtube and you can see what I have made in previous years. Definitely trying to recycle and keep costs down. I will be traveling too so, I get worried about stuff walking away or getting damaged from the weather! Also there is another haunter Eerie Acres- check out on youtube. He lives in Plantation and does an awesome haunt. I've visited him before! Haunting in South Florida is a challenge and i always have haunt envy from my friends up north! Oh well!
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I understand the pains of the gated community tic-tac lawn. I'm in the same boat. Figured using the entire driveway on the day is the best way to go, that way the treaters don't get to see everything before the big night. I'm usually setting up all the extra driveway stuff on the 31st but have the majority of lighting, roof, and tiny yard stuff out.

So if things work how they should, the planed cemetery columns, gate, large amount of gravestones, majority of ghosts, and witches (plus some atmosphere) will all be added the day of to pump up the haunt for everyone. I'm expecting a pretty big crowd based on last years reactions. Nobody in the community decorates much, so it's kind of a "that one house" kind of thing.

I was also thinking of having an eye-spy game at the front of the haunt. If treaters can tell me where 10 hidden things are in the haunt deco, they get extra candy.

I'll definitely check out your YouTube page as well as Eerie Acres. I'm in Kendel myself.
I love the eye spy game! I'm doing a photo op for my haunters since, the parents clog up the line taking pictures! I'm in Miami Lakes and we got 400 TOT's last year! Even the snarky teenagers liked it! Everyone knows the Halloween house and last year I was late setting up and people were stopping me when I walked the dog and asked if we were going to set up! LOL! NO pressure!

We put out the fog machines on Halloween night and any animatronics that I may be using because of the rain and the yard sprinklers!
Can't wait to see what you do! I subbed you on Youtube!
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Wow, 400. Nice size crowd.

I was thinking of doing a photo op this year too. Last year my spiderweb tunnel was used but I was thinking of building two different sided pillorys this year and setting them up just outside the gate. Kids always love pillorys lol
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