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Menancing Raptor Dollar Tree prop

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I bought 2 Dinosaur hats from DOLLAR TREE today thinking maybe I could use them laying on the ground as alligators in my swamp. Depending on the angle, not bad I thought. Could add GID paint to the eyes or the soft foam shell of the hat (hollow inside) could be modified to add battery LED eyes.

Here's the DT Dinosaur Hats.

Well after playing with the heads I put them teeth to teeth making a 3D head. I think it looks pretty menacy for $2. The eyes on the bottom hat could be cut off and turned into a neck area pretty easily. I'm picturing animating it so maybe the mouth opens or the head turns, and maybe using the prop behind some tall cornstalks or grasses.

Here's the 2 heads together.

BTW I think the blue Dinosaur Hat looks more like a dragon and can picture smoke (mist fogger) coming out of its nostrils.
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Anyone have any suggestions for motors to turn the head? I was initially thinking about a reindeer head motor but it moves kind of slowly and I think it would be more effective if it kind of snapped quickly back and forth.
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