Items For Trade:

Flash photography Gesture Grey Style Eyewear

Will Trade For:

I have owned my Menacing Molly Animatronic since 2018 and she still works so amazingly. However, honestly the only issues and flaws with her are just recently on Halloween of 2021 she started making an obnoxious clicking sound while doing the back bending motion however it only happens when it wants to like the clicking stops then it will start clicking again like 30 minutes later after doing her back breaking motions , and also you may need to velcro some weight underneath the swing she has fallen over a few times on me last Halloween so just a heads up. Lastly the arms have ripped I have had to stuff and duct tape the arms to prevent anymore ripping, other than that she still has audio and animation still works perfectly. This prop was really awesome and a very unique Spirit Halloween animatronic! Hoping to trade for another spirit animatronic preferably a possessed child type prop maybe a Lunging Lily or Levitator Girl. If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me! :)