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Memory Creation This morning.

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I heard "Voices" right outside my front door. 8:00AM Saturday.
I could see a white SUV full of people all gawking at my house,which is almost covered in vines and has numerous decorations on it,such as parts of old cars crashing into it,coming out of the house too.
A huge steel skull with a a hand large enough to be his hand is reaching out from the vines and weeds .
The cupola on the roof has a crashed UFO on top of it covered by a tarp saving "Top Secret Project Blue Book".
From inside the house I slowly roll down the window on a door from a 1958 Ford mounted upon the house, I only roll it down maybe 2 inches.
I stick my fingers out, then wiggle then as I slide my hand across the window.
I heard a little boy exclaim:"Look! A HAND!" (He saw me)
I slowly cranked the window shut and began holding my laughter back for the next few minutes as I imagined the little boy repeatedly telling them all,all about it! (Maybe even more than once ! )
IF he happens to have been scared by my hand in the window,and even is too frightened to ever come into the house for a tour......he may never forget this small incident this morning,and he may not stop talking about it for a while either!
"Grass-Roots" guerrilla advertising! (Can often make quite a lasting impression.)

Ravens Grin Inn Mount Carroll, Illinois
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