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Stopped by last Fri. & they are starting to get some things out. Bought some pillow looking eyeballs & package also said fangs that looked interesting but couldn't figure out how to use them. Then after I got home, saw in small print that they are used in/on your car. Saw little clips on the eyes & didn't light up so I returned them. Sure isn't something that would last on the outside of the car. Took some pix of what I saw. 1 had the large/low display that holds the bigger items but the other didn't.

Product Jaw Sculpture Statue Artifact

Sports equipment Picture frame Rectangle Display case Ball

Output device Rectangle Font Gas Audio equipment

Have more but they haven't downloaded to my computer from phone yet for some reason. Been having internet problems again.

Wasn't impressed with much yet & only think interesting is they have "tabletop inflatables" so I assume they are for indoor.
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