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We used this make up this year and I was EXTREMELY happy. It lasts way better than cream and other types of makeup. It is so light on the skin that you forget you have it on. Removal is very easy, even plain water and a little rubbing will remove it. One of our characters had a predominantly red face and there was no staining of her skin at all.
I bought the liquid make up and we applied with make up pads, airbrush, and brushes depending on the character. I wore the prosthetic "See no Evil" from woochie, and blended the paint over it and my skin. One of our characters had a gellatin boil with latex over. The makeup worked well on both types and lasted very well.

I was concerned that perspiration would "melt" the make up off, since I tend to perspire quite easily. None of our actors nor I had makeup loss as an issue. I think as long as you are only sweating lightly and don't touch the paint while moist, you shouldn't have any problems. We also used their sealer, which probably lent to the paint's durability.
You have to be careful (or at least that I found) not to build up too much paint in an area that moves, such as around the mouth, or the paint will crack. But we learned this by experimenting with the makeup before actual use to see what it would be like.

It might seem expensive but only the larger bottles are costly up front. We made up at least 16 people for three haunt nights and one rehearsal and used relatively little... at this pace, I probably will have enough for 4 or 5 years.
For the airbrush, I just thinned the makeup a little with water. I had also bought Mehron's tubes called Fantasy FX, which are cheap at $2.95 each. They can be thinned and applied with a paint brush, and they have the same nice coverage and feel of the liquid. These are the type one would use for face painting at a carnival or some such event.

I especially liked the glow in the dark liquid. Some people we just put a light spray over their faces/makeup, others we went under black light and painted details on their faces. In the light, you can't even tell they are wearing makeup.

I ordered the make up directly from and was very pleased with the speed of delivery. I had no trouble at all with them. One that was my own fault... I ordered ebony expecting black and it's brown. If I had looked at the color chart I would have realized that so I suggest looking at the color chart before ordering to be sure you get what you are expecting.:D
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