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Unkle Ebeneezer is my take on ScareFX's Rockin' Granny. Much like them, it started with the rocker - we saw this decrepit, but structurally sound rocker in a yard sale. construction was basically following ScareFX instrux. The motor was an incredibly lucky purchase at a large wholesale decorations warehouse. They were on clearance, and had everything - I mean EVERYTHING - I needed to use on a prop, including the arm, power connection and adapter. I bought them a few years ago, just waiting for the opportunity to use them. The mask was a SPIRIT zombie mask, the arms were bought on ebay from a Chinese seller. Feet are dollar store severed feet, clothes are thrift store buys. The overalls that my wife found were actually maternity overalls. I had to cut and pin the clothes to allow room for the rocking base and motor assembly. He worked very well for our Halloween party and the ToTers, coupled with Tekky Toys' Gruesome Granny.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts