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Hi everyone! We have just moved into new neighborhood a few months ago and wanted to throw a party to meet our neighbors as well as have a few friends in the mix... We have never thrown a Halloween party but i have collected lots of decor....I like the Haunted Mansion decor...Lots of candlesticks old pics with earie looking stoic faces, bottles with poison labels, lots of drapey fabric, spiders rats crows.....cobwebs, and a good layer of dust LOL...Our Neighbors know nothing about us but let me give you the readers digest version....we were married for 17 years divorced for 7 and now back together, we have been just telling everyone we are boyfriend/girlfriend but no details.....So we were trying to think of something very creative....Our original wedding day was October 12th and we would also like to possible become engaged as part of the celebration....Need a great invition idea and theme story, have a few friends willing to help with some drama....and have access to several wedding dresses all the same of very similar...

Thanks for any creative ideas ....

Spooky Smiles,
Carie Ann

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Hi and welcome!

There are so many ideas on this forum... I'd suggest browsing through the party section and there is also a really great search feature (see the button in the upper right corner of the page) that you can enter keywords to try to find things specific to what you're looking for.


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welcome to the forum. you will have to check out GhostHost999, he is into the haunted mansion theme. he also heads up a haunted mansion social group you can join
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