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Typical Ghoul Next Door
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I have been trying to scope out craigslist and FreeCycle for anything I can use for props, but until yesterday I've found nothing (well, one or two things that got scooped before I got to them).

SO day before someone posts on FreeCycle "kind of a weird item, but I have a Puffer fish that has been set up in the puffed position"

He's MINE and we named him Fugu. He is at least as big as a grapefruit.

I'm going to find a bell jar and mount him and then put a faded antique label on it with it's latin names. It's perfect for odd decor for a party! :)

Funeral Crasher
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That's cool!!
It's definitely UNUSUAL..........
I wonder how long the previous owner had it before getting rid of it?

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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She said it had been in her closet for over 20 years.

I may leave him out all year if I find the right display case/jar, so he's found a good home at least! :)

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ROFL Dave!

Great score Frankie's Girl! I wonder how they swim when they are all puffed out like that....

I agree, an all year decoration for sure!

Devilishly Dutch
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I have no idea what a puffer fish is and I've never seen anything like that before but it sure is gross.
I assume its dead?
you should put some kind of buzzer/vibrator thing in the jar with him and give him a bit of movement right at the moment when someone is trying to get a closer look lol
Kind of along the lines of Terra's possessed xmas tree


Blaberus craniifer
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You could put a light bulb in him and make a funky hanging lamp. It should have a nice glow to it. Then maybe add some red LED's to the eyes.

I remember catching one of these off a pier in Flordia. When I unhooked him, he puffed up to the size of a basketball. I thought cool, I'm going to throw him back and watch him float on the surface...... right, he hit the water and instantly deflated and swam away! :mad:

Lord of the Cemetery
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I wouldn't be able to resist putting him in the apple bobbing tub...

Typical Ghoul Next Door
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Got the fish mounted, and put glue webs strung around the base to make it look a little old and neglected. Just need to make a label with the latin genus and species and age it up and attach.


His label says:

Diodon Holocanthus
Porcupine Pufferfish
Easter Island, 1892
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