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Medieval party help

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Want to have a medieval halloween party (my friends are hardy parties so I thought of Knights of the drunk table).
I don't want to let go of the haunts though so I'm trying to incorporate the scary into a fun, alcohol induced, party.
Help with ideas please!
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When I think Medieval I think old castles..no electricity so candelabras casting ghostly images..
Heck, wasn't Dracula set in a castle?
Vlad the impaler had the impaled bodies of his enemies lining the driveway up to his castle as a warning to what happens when you are at odds with him.

Just think of eerily poorly lit drafty rooms with organ/harpsicord music in the background (maybe wolf howls just outside).

You can still have the graveyard.. Most castles had them..maybe even a dungeon/torture chamber inside (skeletons hanging from ceiling in cages etc)?

Making me want a suit of armor for the corner of my room right now...
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Great ideas! I forgot about Dracula ND vlad.
You can makes great armor out of the anti fatigue mats from Walmart or Harbor Freight
Definately use those those lit torches also that look like those flame torches they used to have on the walls, and on the gruesome side of things what about a set of stocks, guillotine and body cage...if you want to get making some props!
Street light Lighting Light fixture Light Guillotine
Iron Metal Rust Antique Sculpture
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Here's a bunch of Halloween dungeon ideas https://www.pinterest.com/zim2/halloween-dungeon/
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I have decided to do the same theme ! I just posted these on another thread. Just finished making theme today.

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