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People keep asking me how we make our MeatHeads, so I figured I'd post a How-To...

1 nicely-shaped skull (we always use plastic, but I guess foam would work)
2 boxes of red "Jello" (only use HALF of the water called for)
1 sheet of cheese cloth
1/2 pound thinly sliced deli ham (or roast beef or turkey)

Make a batch of red "Jello" DOUBLE-THICK (half the water, also known as "Finger Jello") and set it up in a cookie sheet. This year, we plan on lining the cookie sheet with plastic wrap since we always have trouble removing the "Jello" and you DON'T want to use a non-stick spray. Once the "Jello" is set, wrap the cheese cloth tightly around the skull and tie or pin in back. Carefully cut away from eyes and teeth. The cloth helps hold the "Jello" in place. Place the skull in the center of a round platter. Carefully remove the "Jello" in large pieces and cover the front, top, and sides of the cloth-covered skull. Immediatelly start covering the "Jello" with the deli meat. Use overlapping layers from bottom to top to help hold it all in place. When fully covered (several layers thick), you can carve away the meat & "Jello" in front of the eyes and teeth. Add eyeballs (edible or not). Line the rest of the platter with lettuce and add the other meats & cheeses. Stick a fork in him and serve!

Mistakes: left the rind on the ham (2001), sliced meat way too thin (2003), used turkey (2005).

By the way, most people do not realize he is actually supposed to be eaten!

Our MeatHeads can be seen here.
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