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Maze material help

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In between the scenes in my backyard haunt this year I was looking to make a bit of a maze. In that location I'll have a few scare actors and decorations but it's really just to build anticipation. Over the years the October winds have played havoc with any tarps we've hung up so I was thinking of using rolls of that black weed block (you put it under the mulch in your garden) and run it between 7 foot stakes driven into the ground. One roll (50 feet) of the weed block was $18.00 at Home Depot so even a short maze could get pricey.

Any suggestions on an alternative material that could be used for this effect that can stand up a little bit of wind and is cheap?
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Figured I'd bump this because I need to get something sooner than later.
We're doing the same thing at our house this year. What we're planning to use is this: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-8-ft-x-100-ft-Black-4-mil-Plastic-Sheeting-CF0408B/202184130

It's 4-mil, which is what the really heavy-duty contractor trash bags are made of. They also sell 2-mil plastic that is like a heavy duty Hefty bag-type plastic. We figured the 2-mil would hold up, but for $8 more you can double the strength so why not pop for the extra 2-mils.

This also comes in 4-ft, 10-ft and other widths and lengths, so you need to pick the thickness, width, and length you want.
Thanks for the link Bruzilla. I've used solid plastic before and got skunked because of the wind. Maybe I'll pick up a roll or two of this and use it in spots that aren't subject to the hurricane force blasts I always seem to deal with.
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